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You can hear and view excerpts from our presentations and trainings by clicking the links below. Some of these presentations are available in their entirety on tape or video; check our online store.

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Audio Clips
Below is an excerpt from the keynote address Dr. Margaret Hampton delivered at the National Women Lawyers Association convention on the subject of "Surviving Burn Out When Fighting Injustice" This conference was held in Atlanta, Georgia, and included over 500 attendees, including representatives from many NGOs and human rights organizations.
Length of clip: 2 minutes 8 seconds
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Video Clips

Dr. Margaret Hampton was interviewed by CNN while in Atlanta delivering the keynote address at the National Women Lawyers Association Conference. Below is an excerpt from the interview. It is approximately 3 minutes long.

You will need a Quicktime video player on your computer in order to view the video clip. You can download the Quicktime video player, if necessary.

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