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Legal and Social Service Referral Services

1. Identify Victims of Trafficking and help them report. Provide referral services to attorneys if needed.
2. Liaison with law enforcement, tribal leaders, and community organizations to Identify and Keep Safe Victims of Crime
3. Train law enforcement, attorneys, and community organizations about Native American Trafficking
4. Publish training materials about Native American Trafficking and self-development resources.
5. Provide referral services for chemical dependency and domestic violence counseling to provide healing.
6. Help Native American girls and women recognize their innate self-worth through native cultural practices.

Volunteer Attorney Program

For more information on how to become a volunteer, email us at:

For Emergency Representation, contact 714-724-9986.

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  • Dedicated to Justice
  • Protect the Weak Against The Strong
  • Ensure that Everyone is Treated Fairly

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